Our work is made possible with various sponsorships and donations. Here are a few ways you can help support our conservation work.


Volunteers are an essential part of our operation​​ in fact, we can’t do without them. Join our Volunteer Programme to learn more about turtles, as well as gain field experience in carrying out conservation, research and outreach activities, such as nightly beach patrols, egg and turtle biometric data collection, and nest monitoring. Volunteers enable us to help save the turtles and collate our scientific data throughout the season.


The Resthouse in the Perhentians, moved from near Ipoh, on the west coast, is a furbished wooden house built by the British Government. Book a stay here and enjoy the house that is entirely on its own on a promontory by the sea. A large portion of the proceeds will be channelled into our conservation projects in Lang Tengah Island and at Tanjong Jara Resort.


We work with local artisans and suppliers to produce turtle-themed merchandise, ranging from t-shirts, tote bags, stickers. Buy our merchandise and help us financially sustain our conservation work long term.


Our Nest Adoption Programme is ideal for those wanting to get directly involved with our conservation efforts. You can save eggs from being sold to the market by pledging to adopt a nest. Our team will provide you with updates of your adopted nests and invite you to come back and stay at the resort for the dates that they are due to be released to the sea. Building a relationship and network with the locals, we work closely with egg collectors some who turn into rangers, to stop turtle eggs from consumption. Instead, we purchase them and safely relocate the eggs into our hatcheries, giving them a second chance at life.


We identify individual nesting and in-water green and hawksbill turtles to better understand their population status and trends over time. Individual turtles are recognised using tagging and photo-identification methods. Contributions from adopting a turtle support equipment purchase for our nightly beach patrols and kayak/dive surveys to monitor the turtles, including other costs of operations. You will receive information about the turtle you have adopted and also our annual project report.


Coral reefs are important marine ecosystems, providing food and shelter to various marine life including sea turtles. To preserve the coral reefs, we restore damaged coral areas by first growing corals of opportunity of different species in coral nurseries before outplanting them to natural reefs in Lang Tengah Island. Adopt your own coral and help us to protect the coral reefs. Our team will provide you updates on the survival and growth of the coral.


Coastal and marine pollution poses a threat to turtles and their habitats. For example, turtles get entangled in plastic debris, and they also mistake plastics for food. Accumulation of debris on the beaches could affect female nesting activity and hatchling survival. Sponsoring a clean-up enables us to regularly remove debris from the beach and in the ocean that could threaten the survival and health of turtles and other marine life.


To raise conservation awareness, we also organise educational outreach programmes for schools, universities and corporate groups. Such programmes can be visits to our project site or virtual talks where the participants will learn about turtle biology and conservation as well as gain exposure on field activities. You can sponsor an educational programme for local schools or contact us to organise one for yourself.


To continue our work long term, we need sufficient resources to operate. Your donation will support our operational cost, including equipment and supplies, travel/transportation, project site maintenance, food and salaries for a small team of staff members, rangers and our interns who are essential in carrying out all the activities on the ground over the years.

Exciting news ahead! We are thrilled to announce that Lang Tengah Turtle Watch is migrating to Persatuan Pemuliharaan dan Kajian Marin Malaysia (Marine Conservation and Research Organisation Malaysia), also known as PULIHARA.

At PULIHARA, we are committed to continue with the conservation efforts that were previously carried out under LTTW with the same dedication, commitment and focus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we are working tirelessly to ensure a smooth migration process.

We invite you to join us on this journey of transformation! Please visit our new website at to learn more about our mission and how you can get involved.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our cause. Together, let's create a meaningful change and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Warm regards,