The Turtle Watch

Our turtle watch has begun. Volunteers are on the beaches of Lang Tengah – an island off the East Coast of Malaysia – monitoring turtle landings and saving their eggs from poachers. This started as an ambitious project; one which, we hope, will run successfully for years to come. Join us in our mission to help save sea turtles from extinction! We are striving to protect what is evidently threatened, and to discover what other conservation issues lie hidden on the island.

Our satellite programmes are bringing the local community to Turtle Bay, so they too can experience our project first-hand. Improvement of waste management on the island is now another key focus area for us.

In the 2018 season, we undertook pioneering surveys of the reefs fringing the island – analysing the diversity and populations of corals, fish and invertebrates that inhabit these waters in addition to our ongoing work involving the islands turtles. If you visit Batu Kuching, you will see evidence of our coral project. Our coral nursery is used to house and grow corals that we can later plant around the island’s reefs. It is not just corals, the team also conducts surveys to identify individual sharks that occupy our waters and look into the variety of reef fish around the island. By gathering information of all aspects of the ecosystem, we can evaluate its health and apply management plans appropriately.

The Volunteer Programme

Volunteers are an essential part of our operation – in fact, we can’t do without them. By engaging in activities such as nighttime beach patrols, egg collection and nest monitoring
they enable us to help save the turtles and collate our scientific data throughout the season.

Those looking to volunteer should be relatively fit, able to swim and acquainted with the rigours
of outdoor living. If you’re up for the adventure – write to us!