I think the better way to describe this island is to tell you about a normal day there. My favorite kind of day on the island began usually at 5:00 am.  I woke up with the sounds of the ocean that got you out of the bed slowly to patrol the two nesting beaches of the island. If you are lucky enough this day will start with a turtle nesting but otherwise, it’s still more than amazing. Go back to the camp at 6:00 am, people are going back to bed sometimes but there is something better to do. A wonderful sunrise will wait for you after a really short walk in the jungle. After this I can assure you that your day will always be good.


After breakfast with all at the camp, the day slowly began with the duties but also with the schedule. Usually you rest in the morning after a night of patrolling but some activities are always prepared; I will go to a wonderful snorkeling spot that is just off the beach where we are staying. For a good snorkel, those were the friends that I was meeting under the water : Turtles, puffer fish, sharks, amazing fish, rays. ( I told you, your day can’t be bad ). Lunch time is slowly coming and people on cooking duty that day prepared some amazing jungle humous with pumpkin curry (even if you are in the jungle, there are some priorities in life, one of them is to eat well).


Perfect way to start your afternoon, going to put some shark camera in the water for the staff and then time for a bit of studies with a presentation. Today we will learn how to i.d. most of the fish in the water. After that time to see if you listened well. Back in the water, now you can recognize some of them but you ll need to work a bit.


Dinner time is coming and it already smells really good, pineapple fried rice for tonight. A nice meal around the fire on camp with some of Jordan (the Camp Manager) famous fire bread. After that the day will end with one of these famous documentary nights ( yes, they also have a documentary in the jungle ).


One of the best ways to go to sleep, the amazing voice of Sir David Attenborough, the waves and the wind in the trees. This adventure on that island was definitely one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I learned so much about the ocean and all the wildlife in general. But also about how you don’t need anything else when you are in a good place with good people and tons of things to do.

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At PULIHARA, we are committed to continue with the conservation efforts that were previously carried out under LTTW with the same dedication, commitment and focus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we are working tirelessly to ensure a smooth migration process.

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