I just left Lang Tengah Island but I already regret it. Can’t believe how much I learned at LTTW the past 11 days. Lately I’ve been struggling with everything in the world that’s been going on and my position in it. This project is exactly what I needed. Even for someone like me that doesn’t have a biology/scientific background. It’s amazing to work with these beautiful animals and to be so close to them. But what surprised me is that you don’t only learn about making sure the turtles and their eggs are safe on the island. The project is also about climate change, the dying corals, plastic and everything else that is affecting them. It’s incredibly interesting to learn about all these things. Especially from these four staff members that are so passionate about their work and eager to teach you everything they know. It felt really good being able to actually make a little bit of a change in the world. Thank you guys!