Hai Ping

Life changing! My first volunteering experience with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch at Lang Tengah Island is absolutely rewarding and fruitful. The days are always filled with chilling activities like snorkelling, jungle trekking, beach cleaning to adventurous journey like cliff jump! There are no rooms for boredom here in the camp because free time means reading a book with a cup of coffee, sunbathing on a peaceful beach or simply just doing nothing and enjoying the serenity of Lang Tengah Island.


Sounds tempting? I have not told you yet, that you’ll be part of the projects and get hands-on experience in turtle conservation and coral restoration. I was blessed to spot a green sea turtle with another volunteer, Lina, during our night patrols and named her “Sarah-Guo”. We had the chance to watch her lay eggs and relocate the eggs to our nesting beach site, Turtle Bay. Besides, I also had the chance to get involved in coral nursery projects both by snorkelling and diving with the amazing research team.


Special gratitude to Jordan, LTTW camp manager who was always there guiding me and watching me grow from a lifejacket swimmer to free swimmer and to a diver! I deeply appreciate the LTTW team and fellow volunteers for being so helpful and cheerful all the time, making such great progress to the conservation projects on this island!