Being trusted to manage the Lang Tengah camp was the highest honor even though I am still new in the field of conservation. The 126 days spent on the island that has changed my view of the world will never be forgotten. The beauty of living on an island that is 31 nautical miles from civilization is very different. Covered with beautiful stars at night, adorned with the sound of the waves as music.


Lang Tengah is very different from the other islands in Terengganu. The tranquility of this island is one that can make you easily fall asleep on the deck to the sound of the wind and waves. The floor of the coral reef is very enchanting, making you feel as if you are in another realm. The presence of turtles at night often makes the heart feel tearful and beautiful. Thank you LTTW for the most wonderful memories! Here is a quote from me, Hidup di laut, semangat di langit. See yah!