Chooi Lin

In search for an escape, I found myself volunteering with Lang Tengah Turtle Watch and it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.


I would have never imagined myself learning how to cook in the middle of a jungle, but it was fun experimenting and cooking up meals for everyone with the other volunteers. While learning about our coral reefs, I also had the chance to dive to help with coral conservation efforts by cleaning coral nurseries and building coral castles in efforts to restore the reefs around the island.


The highlight of the trip is definitely the turtles. I became a mini turtle expert in a matter of days, from picking up facts about these magnificent creatures, seeing them up close as they dragged themselves to shore, catching the eggs as the mother laid them, then reallocating the eggs to Turtle Bay. 6 nests in 2 weeks was just such a surreal experience!


It ain’t just about the work, but also lotsa fun, with at least one snorkel a day around the island. We learned about reef fishes, which helped us in identifying fishes during our snorkels. All of this, in the beautiful island of Lang Tengah, where you get clear waters with amazing visibility.


The past 14 days have been so fulfilling and enriching, and it went way beyond my expectations. No doubt, it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve done in my lifetime! Thank you Jordan, Seb, Gilles and Alex for an amazing experience. Two weeks went by pretty quick, but I’ll be back again to see some hatchlings next!