I had the opportunity of a lifetime to join Lang Tengah Turtle Watch as an intern for around 4 months! The full experience was extraordinary and the cherry on top was that I got to spend roughly 2 months on Lang Tengah Island.


To be able to wake up and go snorkel on our very own “private” beach was an absolute blessing. To top it off, the days were spent with activities ranging from chilling on the beach, jungle trekking, discovering new snorkelling spots and cliff jumping, all of which was insanely fun.


But the main reason I was there was for the turtles! I’ll never forget the surge of excitement I got when spotting turtle tracks whilst patrolling the beaches. The experience of witnessing these nesting mothers laying their eggs, to catching the eggs as the mother laid them, all the way to relocating the eggs was surreal.


Time passes way too fast on the island; I’ve been missing it ever since I left. Extremely grateful to all the staff who’ve taught me so much during my time there and also to all the other crazy interns I met!