I personally requested from my supervisor that I wanted to extend my internship for two weeks at the island and it was the best decision of my life. It has always been a dream of mine staying on an island, having a camping life with the most basic stuff, and I achieved it with the opportunity given by LTTW.


I thought it would be difficult as it was in the middle of a pandemic and we were short-staffed but it turned out to be super fun and I learnt a lot of things. The camp managers were super friendly and guided me throughout my internship there. The best things I accomplished was learning how to swim in the sea, cliff jumping and discovering amazing sea creatures.


Two weeks was honestly a short period of time for me but I used my time wisely to enjoy every minute of me being there. Filled my daytime with activities such as snorkelling and hiking, patrolling by night-time. There were a lot of wonderful things there but words could not describe how happy I was. I wish I could experience this again and work with LTTW in the future.