Chronicle of his involvement:

‘The opportunity for me to be part of the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch arose through a series of events that can only be described as extraordinary.  Indeed, this then seemed to become a running theme throughout my entire time both on and off the island with the project.

After spending 5 incredible weeks on Lang Tengah I was invited to join Hayati as her Co-Founder and to run the project the following season – I was delighted to accept her offer.

Now that I have been involved in the recruitment of future volunteers and the organisation of the camp for next season I feel so glad to have been integrated to this endeavour. However, it was meeting the past volunteers at the Lang Tengah Reunion and Recruitment Party and hearing about their time spent on the island that made me see, more than ever, what a special and joyous project I have had the fortune to become part of.

I can’t wait to get back out and start work again on Lang Tengah, I’m especially excited about the expansion of our research topics.  I am also greatly anticipating the arrival of the new volunteers, to share in the wonderful experience they are about to gain from their time on the island – it looks like I’m here to stay!’