Tanjong Jara Resort

Come and find the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch team at our traditional palm wood Visitors’ Hut, next to the Nelayan Restaurant. We are open and eager to talk to you everyday (April – October).

This is a place to relax, find out more about sea turtles, biology, ecology and conservation at large. You can also sign up for the various activities and programmes that we have on offer.

Nest Inspections are conducted most days (May – October) at our hatchery and provide a time for guests to come and see our team at work, gathering data from nests and making sure that they are kept as healthy as possible by minimising their risk of infection and predation.

Once our team have identified when the babies are ready to leave the nest and head out to sea we will invite guests to join us to help and celebrate this momentous occasion.

Hatchling releases usually occur at least once a week. However, this is nature and nothing is guaranteed. The releases are carried out at the discretion of our staff and occur under red light, to minimise disturbance to the turtles (June – October).


Our Nest Adoption Programme is ideal for those wanting to get directly involved with our conservation efforts. You can save eggs from being sold as food to the market by pledging to adopt a nest.

Our team will provide you with regular updates on the condition of your eggs from our nest inspections and invite you to come back and stay at the resort for the dates that they are due to be released to the sea.

To find out how to adopt a nest with us online, click here


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Tanjong Jara Reception: 09 8451 100