Tobi & Felix


Tobi and Felix came from Baveria after finishing school a few weeks before they set foot on Lang Tengah, as they were seeking some adventure before heading into the working world back in Germany. When they get back home, Tobi will be entering the police force and Felix will enrol at university in order to study Physics…

“We used this last big opportunity to take a trip around South East Asia, and started in paradise on Lang Tengah. We met very nice guys (which means they are now our friends) from all over the world and saw many different kinds of amazing and interesting animals, like Turtles and Monitor Lizards. Incredible nights we spent looking for turtles with beautiful heavens full of stars, enjoyed the beautiful underwater sceneries and used the beach as our own private workout area! We also fell in love with the local people, who were so cool and friendly and, for example, invited us to eat with them for breaking-fast on the first day of Ramadan.

Anyone who wants to have a great adventure with random people and to make a big impression on their life should come to the project – It also helped cure our phobia of spiders…!”

Tobi: “It’s one of the last paradises on earth which hasn’t been totally destroyed by un-conscientious companies and hundreds of tourists.”

Felix: “After this experience I can see all my problems at home in a much more relaxed way”