Sara & Rosie


Account of their time with us:

“We came at the end of the laying season, yet we were still able to watch 3 mother turtles come up the beach to carefully dig their nests and lay eggs. We helped to re-locate them to the safety of turtle bay, where we monitored the progress of the other nests and were fortunate enough to discover baby turtles on several occasions and even witnessed some as they started their grand journey to the ocean. Yet that was not all Lang Tengah had to offer; from unforgettable people, stunning snorkelling spots, beautiful beaches and abundant forest life, life was never boring…” – Sara

“Coming to the island I had no idea what to expect. After a month here it feels like home. The project is truly a unique opportunity to make a difference. Seeing laying turtles and bundles of babies are moments I won’t forget. The people make the project and I have made many great friends. Seeing eagle rays, stunning corals and phosphorescence in the sea make it like no where else on earth! I would like to thank Raphe and Molly especially for making me feel so welcome. It’s a great project with a fantastic aim and I am proud to have been part of it” – Rosie