Words at the end of her stay:

“I arrived at Lang Tengah Turtle Watch two weeks ago, feeling excited and nervous, and planning to stay for only three or four nights. Now two weeks doesn’t seem long enough.

Highlights from my time here (and now of my life) include, stumbling completely unexpectedly upon a nest of baby turtles hatching and successfully making their way to the ocean. What a high! Also, witnessing the post-hatch inspection of nest no.12 and discovering a 100% successful hatch rate!

I have spent time with amazing, inspirational people. I have learned an immeasurable amount about the environment and myself. I now know that one person, or a handful of dedicated people, can and are making a positive difference in the world. I will no longer ignore the devastating human impact on the world and feel helpless to stop it.

Regrets from my time here? Only one -– that I can’t stay longer.”