Account of her time with us:

“My time at Turtle Watch has been one of the best experiences of my life – it’s been life changing and life affirming. Life changing in that I’ve lived in an environment that is totally alien to me and that, at times, has pushed me to my limits. But I say that in a good way, as it’s been really positive for me to realize that I am a lot stronger, hardier, resourceful and braver than I ever knew I was!

But more than that, it’s been really life affirming to see the amazing conservation work that’s being done and to see first-hand what a difference the project is making to the turtle population in the region. And, to see the happiness and positivity the project brings to almost everyone that comes into contact with it – volunteers, visitors and locals alike. I have met amazing, inspirational and passionate people that I will never forget, some of whom I’m sure will be lifelong friends.”