Reports from Turtle Bay:

September 5th.

“Another eventful night on Turtle Beach! Was waiting for Nest no.8 to hatch as there had been some activity under the sand. At about 8.10 p.m went in to make some coffee and when I returned 20 minutes later a Green Turtle had dragged herself up the beach. She started digging a hole and decided it was not the right spot so started heading back to the water. Half way there she did a u-turn and headed back up the beach and proceeded to dig a new nest and with much puffing and heavy breathing laid her eggs. She eventually returned to the sea at 11.30 p.m. So Nest no.20 it is! Still waiting for Nest no.8 but am starting to nod off.”

September 19th.

“It has been raining for the last two nights and there has been a fairly strong wind blowing. I am still waiting for Nest no.10 to hatch. Nest no.11 is due any day soon. I am sitting on the beach and it is a beautiful, clear evening. The sky is filled with stars. A half moon is illuminating the beach and reflecting off the gently lapping waves. Lightning is flashing over the mainland. It is an awesome experience.”